Maternal Depression Screening Program Web-Based Data System

A major goal since the transfer of the project to CCHMC in 2006 was to create a web-based data system that would collect data, facilitate mental health referrals and follow-up and generate meaningful reports for workers and supervisors for service monitoring and program improvement. We tested various online project management applications to host the database and finally settled on Quickbase. This is a separate password protected data collection website that users must request access to.

The web system is used by HMG home visitors to record screens in lieu of the paper system. The database automatically scores the EPDS items entered by the HMG home visitor. If the EPDS is negative (i.e., < 12 and Item 10 ≤ 1), the screen is scored as negative and the case is closed. If the EPDS is positive (i.e., EPDS ≥ 12 or Item 10 ≥ 2), the database scores the screen as positive and automatically opens a referral page that is specific for the mental health agencies partnering with the HMG provider. The HMG home visitor then types in contact information for the mother (assuming she has agreed to a mental health referral) which the database then automatically emails to the mental health agency. This facilitated mental health referral is an essential piece of the Maternal Depression Screening Program.

One of the key principles of the web-based data system is that it provides HMG home visitors, HMG supervisors, and Mental Health partners with accurate, relevant and timely feedback as to the dispositions of mothers screened for depression. QuickBase users are able to view canned reports on mothers entered into the system and generate reports to fit their county’s needs. The reports include all information entered into the system for each county. The data are used for quality assurance and program improvement.

The web-based data system is not accessible from this website. In order to access the web-based data system you have to be granted permission from the CCHMC data team.

Below is information for Maternal Depression Screening Program participants accessing the web-based data system.

1) Instructions to become user on Quickbase- Instructions on viewing the tutorial and accessing the web-based data system. READ THESE VERY CAREFULLY before viewing the tutorial or entering any data into the system.

2) Quickbase Add a Mom_demo standalone.exe- Tutorial on how to add a mom to the web-based data system. Watch this before adding any Moms to the test site. If you have not received an invitation thru Quickbase to log on to the -TESTING Ohio MD Project TESTING- web-based data system, Click here to send an email to Lisa Connelly requesting access.

3) Contact Lisa Connelly to request permission to the web-based data system.

4) Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS)- The response scale has been reformatted on this measure. Administer this measure to Moms or let Moms complete this measure as a self-report. Enter Mom's answers into the web-based system. Screen ALL Moms, enter them into the database and use the facilitated mental health referral system.

5) Supporting Information Form- This form is not intended to be filled out by Mom it is intended for Home Visitors to help collect the other information needed by the database. Screeners will complete this form based on scoring the EPDS and whether they referred Mom to Mental Health.

6) Mental Health Follow Up Tracking Sheet- Template for MH to keep track of referred moms for data follow-up.

Supplemental Information

MDSP Flow Chart explains the composition of the MDSP.

MDSP FAQ contains frequently asked questions about the MDSP.

MDSP Quickbase Screen Shots show what the web-based data system looks like when users enter EPDS information.

MDSP Quickbase Report Key outlines the canned reports available to Quickbase uers to produce up to the minute reports on the data they have access to.